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Coastal Quality specializes in erosion repair and prevention services in North Port, Venice, Wellen Park, South Gulf Cove, Punta Gorda, Placida, Port Charlotte, Rotonda  West and surrounding areas.

Learn more about our expert solutions for combating erosion and protecting your property.

We offer a range of Erosion Solutions and products for driveways, walkways, retention ponds, canals and more that have damage from erosion. 

We also offer preventative solutions to avoid costly repairs!


Our solutions are for residential, commercial and association community properties. Our expert team is dedicated to addressing erosion issues and effectively preventing future erosion to safeguard your property. Contact us for professional and reliable erosion solutions.

We utilize a wide range of products to help control runoff and eliminate standing water throughout your yard to help prevent damage to your property.

Each property is assessed and products are tailored to fit the needs of each project. Some of the projects we use are listed below:

  • French Style Drainage Systems

  • Channel Drains

  • Corrugated Drainage Pipes

  • Gutter Down Spout Extension Systems

  • Ball Valves & Check Valves for Flow Management

  • Catch Basin & Grates

  • Dry Wells & Infiltration Trenches

  • Rip Rap & other boulder stones

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