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Sod Installation & Repair

If your home needs a beautiful and healthy new lawn, Coastal Quality can help! We offer a variety of sod for both residential and commercial projects. 

Your yard can instantly be transformed into a lush green lawn, ready for you & your family to enjoy.



Bahia Sod

Bahia sod is a good all purpose sod that thrives in full sun. Bahia sod has the ability to survive periods of drough. It is a relatively low maintenance grass with few insect problems.

Empire Zoysia Sod

EMPIRE Turf is an improved Zoysia grass with soft-to-the-touch feel, tight-bladed growth and lush green color. EMPIRE utilizes exceptional drought tolerance and lower chemical needs to meet “green building” standards. EMPIRE's deep root structure enables it to extract water from deep soil and it's drought avoidance mechanisms ensure it's survival during water shortages.

Floratam Sod

Great for sunny locations with irrigation. Floratam Sod, a member of the St. Augustine Grass Family offers many advantages. It thrives under a wide range of soil and environmental conditions present in Florida. Floratam performs best in full sunlight

Coastal Quality provides professional sod installation services in North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and surrounding areas. Contact us today for expert assistance in transforming your lawn with beautiful and healthy sod.

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